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About the Art


Child’s Play

As a working artist, I create art with an uncompromised passion – color, composition, line, shape and form are all essential elements used to set moods and illustrate aspects of human life. I seek to communicate with people everywhere with my work which, although I view it as the sum of my thoughts, develops a voice of its own.

I am inspired by historical themes, family stories, current issues, people, music, sounds, moods, books I read. My palette changes with the seasons too: bright in the summer and darker in winter. There are so many things that speak to me.

Currently, I am working to create a new body of work, experimenting with different media types, and striving to find that creative spark that visually evokes emotion, memory, and the senses.

As a young boy, I have memories of me and my sister mixing pigments to paint our pictures. Then, in high school, I had a teacher who recognized my potential and took the time to nurture my budding talent. I earned a Fine Arts degree in Painting from The University of Memphis.